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A few years ago a friend recommended that I read a book called “The Cross and Its Shadow” by a gentleman named Stephen Haskell. It’s a wonderful little book that goes into great detail about the Sanctuary in the wilderness that God instructed Moses to have built. In it, every piece of gold, every piece of cloth, every piece of furniture, every movement by the priests somehow told the story of Jesus.

I put the book aside for some time until another friend James made a special request. We had been studying the Book of Revelation and then the Book of Daniel. James wanted to continue the studies with a fill in the blank style set of lessons on the Sanctuary of the Old Testament. I soon discovered that no such thing existed. So, I started reading Mr Haskell’s book from 1914 and prayed to see how we could proceed. God led out in the creation of these lessons, I soon discovered that the chapters lended themselves well to be converted. The rest is history, literally HIS STORY. All glory belongs to God, Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament Sanctuary and as you dig deep, you will be blessed.

Print out the lessons and grab your Bible. They were written with the King James Version, that one will work best for you.

These lessons are for anyone in any denomination to see the message of Salvation written in the walls of the Temple. I am praying for you as you study.

Steve Bell


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