The Cross and It's Shadow

Bible Studies based on the book The Cross and It’s Shadow by Stephen N. Haskell


Eternity can never fathom the depth of love revealed in the cross of Calvary. It was there that the infinite love of Christ and the unbounded selfishness of Satan stood face to face. The entire system of Judaism, with its types and symbols, was a shadow of the cross, extending from Calvary back to the gate of Eden, and contained a compacted prophecy of the Gospel.

At the present day the person who comes to the study of the New Testament through the interpreting lights of the types and symbols of the Levitical services, finds a depth and richness in the study that is found in no other way. It is impossible to have exalted views of Christ’s atoning work if the New Testament is studied without previous knowledge of the deep, blood-stained foundations in the Old Testament Gospels of Moses and the prophets.

In every sacrifice, Christ’s death was shown. In every cloud of incense, His righteousness ascended. By every Jubilee Trumpet, His name was sounded. In the awful mystery of the Holy of Holies His glory dwelt.

In the light shining from the sanctuary, the books of Moses, with their detail of offerings and sacrifices, their rites and ceremonies, usually considered so meaningless and void of interest, become radiant with consistency and beauty. There is no other subject which so fully unites all parts of the inspired Word into one harmonious whole, as the subject of the sanctuary. Every Gospel truth centers in the Sanctuary Service and radiates from it like the rays from the sun.

Every type used in the entire sacrificial system was designed by God to bear resemblance to some spiritual truth. The value of these types consisted of the fact that they were chosen by God Himself to shadow forth the different phases of the complete plan of redemption, made possible by the death of Christ. The likeness between type and antitype is never accidental but is simply a fulfilment of the great plan of God.

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